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Pandora Box

Paintings from my recent period have jumped out of me like opening Pandora’s box. The desire to explore my soul has been overwhelmed by the fear of what I will find there. When I got over it, there was no way back.

When I look back on my life and my paintings, it is crystal clear to me that it was the fear that closed my path and froze my painting expression for many years. For the world in which I draw as a painter, courage, self-confidence and personal maturity are needed. Something which until recently I have not bargained for. The conflict between desire after the complete disclosure of my inner world and the urgent need to hide it, is present in my paintings from times I studied Fine Art.

Fear extends to the very field of artistic expression itself. Is it too narrative? Am I thinking enough about painting? A thousand and one uncertainty. But fear is not only bad. It showed me that I can’t escape some things, no matter how tight is grip on my throat. And exactly these things are the real reason why I chose this profession after all.

What is the essence of my painting? To be an example in how to search for truth within myself, not in others. To follow the ideas that matter to me, regardless of popularity. To choose the way that best supports what I want to say, even if I'm not used to it and it challenges my confidence. It’s about taking responsibility and risk at the same time.

Špela B. Šemrov

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